8 Common Symptoms Of Depression

Common Symptoms of Depression | HealthInsta

Depression is described as a mood disorder with a persistent feeling of sadness, loneliness and loss of interest.

According to the reports of the World Health Organization, over 264 million people of all ages suffer from depression worldwide.

Even though the exact cause of depression is not clearly understood, medical experts suggest that a combination of biological, environmental, psychological, and emotional factors may lead to depressive symptoms.

Here are some common symptoms of depression that you must look for.

1. Persistent Sadness

Feeling low from time to time is part of normal life. But experiencing a depressed mood for more than two weeks in a row can be a sign of depression. A person suffering from depression may often feel sad or cry frequently. They often feel some kind of emptiness. Children and older adults might seem more irritated than sad.

2. Loss Of Interest

The second common symptom is the loss of interest or pleasure in things that you once enjoyed. In medical terms, this condition is also called anhedonia. In this phase people generally withdraw from activities they once looked forward to in the past like sports, hobbies, or going out with friends. They may also lose interest in sex.

3. Fatigue & Excess Sleeping

Sleeping seems to be the best way to escape from the problem for people suffering from depression. They generally feel excessively tired and lazy due to the overwhelming feeling, hence they sleep a lot. In some cases, depression may lead to insomnia and restlessness at night.

4. Change In Appetite

Change in appetite or drastic weight loss is another telltale sign of depression. This can even work two ways, either a person starts eating a lot or just loses interest in preparing food or may not feel hungry at all. People suffering from depression do not eat more or less intentionally, they just feel like not eating or may feel very ravenous.

5. Anxiety

Anxiety and depression are often linked with one another. Severe anxiety may often give way to depression. Nervousness, restlessness, feelings of danger, rapid heart rate, rapid breathing, trembling or muscle twitching are some of the common signs of anxiety.

6. Uncontrolled Emotions

Drastic mood swings, where one minute the person feels all happy and jubilant then they burst out in anger can be a sign of the mental disorder. People feeling depressed often experience drastic mood change without any specific reason.

7. Feeling Of Worthless

Depression can change the way you see the world. You may start finding yourself unappealing and worthless. Guilt, failure and trouble in letting the past go can add to the worries. Even minor mistakes can make you feel worthlessness or generate a feeling of self-hatred.

8. Inability To Concentrate

Lack of concentration or finding it hard or having a hard time making any decisions is also a common sign of depression. People suffering from depression often recognise that they are struggling to think clearly and stay focused. This symptom of depression is more common in older adults.