9 Texts To Send Someone Having A Bad Day

9 Texts To Send Someone Having A Bad Day | HealthInsta

Have you ever found out someone was having a bad day and just didn’t know how to respond?

We get so used to people telling us they are fine, even when they are not, that actually knowing how to respond to someone when they admit things are not well can be a bit of a foreign concept.

Talking on the phone or in person is usually the best way to help somebody going through a rough day, but not everyone wants to talk when they are low, sometimes they want to text.

In such a scenario, here are 9 text messages you can send to someone who is having a bad day and let them know that everything will be fine.

1. I am sorry all this is happening. I am here for you always.

If someone you know is going through a tough situation or going through a personal loss, you can let them know that they aren’t alone in it.

2. Thinking of you, know that I’m here!

When someone’s having a bad day, just letting them know that you’re thinking about them can help them feel less alone. Remind them that you care about them and that you’re here to help.

3. Let me know if I can do anything for you.

Always extend a helping hand and ask the person in distress if you can help. This will not only give them the surety that you are with them but might also solve the problem they are facing.

4. Do you want my advice or do you want me just to listen? Happy to do either or both!

Sometimes, your friends and loved ones want your sage wisdom in a given situation. Other times, they just want to vent. Rather than bombarding someone with unsolicited advice, try asking them what they’re seeking from you.

5. It is okay to have bad days, you will sail through like a pro!

The person must be constantly reminded that it is perfectly fine to have bad days and everyone goes through them. Let them know that they will easily get through this as well.

6. Talk to me about it and let it all out.

Lend your ear and ask them to let it all out. Sometimes people don't share what they are feeling which might vent up over time and lead to an emotional outburst. It is okay to vent, cry or howl as long as you are letting it all out.

7. Watch a movie and treat yourself with your favorite food!

Suggest them a movie you like or a feel-good movie which might uplift their mood. Ask them to get their favorite food to eat, as comfort food has the power to reverse any type of bad mood in a jiffy.

8. You are the strongest one I know, this too shall pass.

Instill this confidence in your friend that he is strong and this phase too shall pass. Such texts might not make his mood happy but will for sure give him the strength to go through the day.

9. Group video call!

When meeting in person is a bit tricky, one can always resort to video calls. Plan a group video call with the closest friends and make your friend feel loved.