Vrikshasana – The Tree Pose

Vrikshasana – The Tree Pose

Step 1: Stand with feet 2 inches apart.

Step 2: Focus on a point in front.

Step 3: Exhale, hold and bend the right leg then place the foot on the inner side of the left thigh. The heel should be touching the perineum region.

Step 4: Inhale and extend the arms up and join the palms together for Namaskar Mudra.

Step 5: Stay in the position for 10 to 30 seconds and breathe normally.

Step 6: Exhale bring the arms down. Release the right leg and bring it to initial position.

Repeat this on left side also.
  • It strengthens the legs, and opens the hips.
  • It improves your neuromascular coordination.
  • It helps with balance and endurance.
  • It improves alertness and concentration.
  • It also helps to improve flat feet problems.
  • It may help those who suffer from sciatica (nerve pain in the leg).
  • Those who suffer from migraine, high or low blood pressure are not advised practice this asana.
  • Also,this asana is not recommended for those suffering from arthritis and vertigo.