How to Use CoviSelf, India's First-At Home Covid Self-Test Kit

How to Use CoviSelf | HealthInsta

The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), the country's apex health research body, has approved a home-based rapid antigen testing (RAT) kit - CoviSelf, for Covid-19.

As per ICMR, only nasal swab specimen will be required to do the test and the kit will produce result in 15 minutes.

How to Use CoviSelf?

The user must first download the Mylab's CoviSelf app and will have to fill out all the credentials. The app will capture data on a secure server connected with the ICMR portal, where all test reports are available to government.

Before taking the test, sanitise your hands and clean the surface on which the kit is to be placed.

The kit comes in a pouch which contains a pre-filled extraction tube, a sterile nasal swab, one test card, and a biohazard bag.

Here are the steps for using the testing kit:

Step 1: Open the pouch at tail end and take swab out. Without touching the swab head, insert the swab inside both nostrils upto 2-4 centimetres.

Step 2: Roll the swab 5 times inside each nostril to make sure that adequate sample is collected.

Step 3: Dip the swab in the pre-filled extraction tube. Swirl the nasal swab 10 times to ensure that the swab is immersed well in the tube.

Step 4: Break the swab stick at the given breakpoint mark and close the lid of the tube. 

Step 5: Add two drops of the mixture one after the other by pressing the tube over the test card strip provided,  wait for 10-15 mins for the results to appear.

Step 6: Reading the result.

There will be two sections on the test card - control section and test section. If the bar shows up only at the control section ‘C’, the result is negative. If the bar appears on both the control section and test (T) section, the test is positive.

Strong positive results can be reported within 10-15 minutes. However, wait up to 20 minutes to report negative results. Results that appear after 20 minutes are not valid.

Step 7: To maintain a record of the report, the person using the kit has to put the test card under the mobile phone camera to enable the app to read the test and upload the proper results.

Step 8: Put all of the material in the given biohazard bag and seal it and then put it in waste bin.

ICMR, in its guidelines, said that individuals who test positive may consider themselves as true positive and no repeat testing is required.
Those who have all the symptoms and still test negative should go for the RT-PCR test, as sometimes RAT can miss a few positive cases depending on the viral load.

All RAT negative symptomatic individuals may be treated as suspect COVID-19 cases and are advised to follow the ICMR/Ministry of Health home isolation protocol while awaiting the RT-PCR test result.