Health Benefits of Ragi a Super Cereal

Health Benefits of Ragi | HealthInsta

Ragi is also known as finger millet. It is a powerhouse of health benefiting nutrient. It is rich in protein like gluten, minerals like calcium, iron and magnesium, also vitamins, amino acids, Omega-3 fatty acids, fibres and low in calories. So finger millet is known as 'Super grain'.

Health Benefits of Ragi

1. High Protein and High Fiber

Protein manage wear and tear of the cell in the body and help to transport oxygen to the various parts of the body. Insoluble fibre helps in easy digestion, relief constipation, regulate appetite, helps in weight loss and prevents malnutrition.

2. Antioxidant Properties

The antioxidant property of ragi which inhibits the collagen cross linking and maintains the elasticity of collagen. It also helps to fight against infection, prevent from cancer, decrease the oxidative stress and lower the cell damage due to free radicals.

3. Loaded with Calcium

Finger millet is an excellent source of natural calcium which helps in strengthening bones for growing children and aging people. Regular consumption of finger millet is good for bone health and keeps diseases such as osteoporosis at bay and could reduce risk of fracture.

4. Weight Loss

Ragi benefits weight loss in a unique way. Ragi contains an amino acid called Tryptophan which lowers appetite and helps in keeping weight in control. Ragi gets digested at a slower rate thus keeps one away from intaking excessive calories. Also, fibers present in ragi give a feeling of fullness thus controls excessive food consumption.

5. Reverts Skin Aging

The presence of amino acids like methionine and lysine make skin tissue less prone to wrinkles and sagging. The presence of collagen fibre maintains its youthfulness and vitality of the skin by blocking premature aging.

6. Cures Anemia

Iron deficiency anaemia can be treated due to the rich source of iron which stimulates the production of hemoglobin.

7. Controls Diabetes

It contains complex carbohydrate with high dietary fibre levels which control blood glucose level that accelerate the wound healing in diabetes patient. 

8. Prevents Obesity

A special amino acid, tryptophan present in ragi helps in regulating appetite. Due low calories and low glycemic index which decrease weight and food cravings.

9. Prevents Bad Cholesterol

Ragi control cholesterol level by reducing plaque formation, prevents from coronary artery disease. The amino acid prevents formation of fat in liver and also helps to control hypertension.

10. Improves Lactation

The rich source of iron, calcium and amino acid which improve milk production and HB level that increase the lactation. 

11. Aids Relaxation

It acts as a natural relaxant and helps in relieving stress like anxiety, hypertension, depression, migraine and headache. It also helps in relieving sleep disorders like insomnia.

12. Boosts Energy Level

A high amount of carbohydrates and unsaturated fats makes the body and brain lethargic and sluggish. Ragi is a perfect choice for stimulating the energy levels in the body. The performance of athletes can be improved with the increased endurance level by adding a healthy amount of ragi into diet.

13. Prevents Hair Fall

Consisting of formative amino acids such as methionine and lysine, a ragi hair mask as well as ragi in the diet enriches hair growth and renews texture of tresses. This controls hair fall and averts premature greying and balding.

If consumed regularly, Ragi could help in keeping malnutrition, degenerative diseases and premature aging at bay. Green Ragi is recommended for conditions of blood pressure, liver disorders, asthma and heart weakness. Green Ragi is also recommended to lactating mothers in the condition of lack of milk production.

So, ragi is an extremely nutritious cereal and is very beneficial for maintaining both physical and mental health.

However, its high intake could increase quantity oxalic acid in the body. Therefore, it is not advised to patients having kidney stones (Urinary Calculi).