Green Tea: Benefits and Side Effects

Green Tea : Benefits and Side Effects | HealthInsta

Green tea is known to be one of the healthiest beverage.

It's loaded with antioxidants that have many health benefits, which includes:
  • Improved brain function
  • Fat loss
  • Protecting against cancer
  • Lowering the risk of heart disease
There are even more health benefits as well as some side effects.

Benefits of Green Tea

1. Contains Bioactive Compounds

Green tea is loaded with polyphenol antioxidants, including a catechin called EGCG. These antioxidants can have various beneficial effects on health.

2. Improves Brian Health

Green tea contains less caffeine than coffee but it's enough produce an effect. It also contains the amino acid L-theanine,  which can work synergistically with caffeine to improve brain function.

3. Increases Fat Burning

If you're looking for weight loss or fat burning tips probably green tea will be there.
Green tea boosts the metabolic rate and increase fat burning in short term.

4. Lowers The Risk of  Cancer

Green tea is a excellent source of antioxidants that may protect against various types of cancer like breast cancer, colorectal cancer etc. Many studies shown that green tea drinkers have lower risk of cancer.

5. Prevents Type 2 Diabetes

Some studies shown that green tea may cause mild reductions in blood sugar levels. It may also lower the risk of type 2 diabetes.

6. Protects Brain from Aging

The bioactive compounds in green tea can have various protective effects on the brain. They may reduce the risk of dementia, a common neurodegenerative disorder in older people.

7. Prevents Cardiovascular Diseases

Green tea may lower total and LDL cholesterol, as well as protect the LDL particles from oxidation. Studies show that people who drink green tea have a lower risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Side Effects and Risks

There are little known side effects or contraindications to drink green tea for adults.
  • Caffeine Sensitivity- those with caffeine sensitivities could experience insomnia, anxiety, irritability, nausea or stomach upset.
  • Stimulants- if taken with stimulant drugs, green tea could increase blood pressure and heart rate.
Pregnant or breastfeeding women, those with heart problems or high blood pressure, kidney or liver problems, stomach ulcers or anxiety disorders should not take green tea supplements.

Although as a healthy beverage you can add green tea in your daily lifestyle to get desired effects such as weight loss or to improve brain health and in prevention of diseases.